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About Westie Rescue Ireland

Registered Charity Number: 20081751

Maureen Byrne, founder of Westie Rescue IrelandMy name is Maureen Byrne and I am the founder of Westie Rescue Ireland. As a Westie owner myself, I know what day-to-day life with a Westie is like! I know their habits, their behaviours, their modus operandi! I am also a dog behaviourist, so I deal with many a strong-willed Westie on a professional level.

Seeing all the Westies who ended up in pounds every year, I felt it was clear that too many Westies were ending up in need of help, and as they had already lost at least one home, it was vital that they never had to go through the trauma and stress of having to be rehomed again.

This is what prompted me to start rescuing and rehoming Westies, ensuring that each dog ends up in a far better situation than he came out of, in a home that will cherish him for the rest of his life. For this reason, we take a lot of care and trouble right at the start to make sure that we’re matching the right Westie to the right home.

A big thank you all our supporters, home-visitors, transporters, fosterers, and adopters! Westie Rescue could not function as effectively as we do, and rehome as many Westies as we do, without the help and support of all of these people.

If you would like to help Westie Rescue Ireland, please consider sending a donation.

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