Adopting a Westie – Terms and Conditions

We have a number of criteria which must be met before we will consider any home for adopting a Westie.

These are based on common sense. Some are based on recommendations made by dog behaviourists for providing a home which will not increase the risk of stress or behavioural problems in a dog.

Whilst some leeway is possible on some terms and conditions, Westie Rescue reserves the right to refuse any home. Please do not abuse me or our volunteers if we turn you down because you do not satisfy these terms and conditions. We know our Westies, we’ve handled and rehomed hundreds of them, not just owned one or two of them. That’s why we have the policies we do: we are trying to protect both you and our dogs, and I consider it a crying shame that I have had to write this here at all. We know our Westies, please don’t try to convince us we don’t.
Please note that Westies are NOT a non-shed breed. They are NOT “hypoallergenic”. They do shed. They can and do cause allergic reactions in people with animal-related allergies.

1. In order to apply to adopt a Westie, our application form must be completed and returned. This form can be downloaded from this site (see below). This form must be emailed back to Westie Rescue upon completion.

2. All applicants will have a home visit carried out following receipt of the completed application form.

3. We do not rehome Westies to homes with children under 12 years of age. Westies and young children tend not to be a good combination (please click on why Westies need a rescue for more information).

4. We do not place Westies in homes where they will be left alone without human company (another dog will not suffice) for long periods on a regular basis.

5. We only place Westies into homes where they will be kept mainly as a house dog. The dog must sleep in the house. Our intention is that our dogs are taken on as cherished members of the family. We do not permit our dogs to be kenneled outdoors.

6. We do not allow our dogs to be left outside while the owner is out: this regrettable condition has had to be included in response to the increase in thefts of small pedigree dogs from gardens.

7. The garden must be secure and escape-proof, bearing in mind that Westies can both climb and dig. The home-visitor will check this as a matter of priority, and advise accordingly.
Please note: we do NOT allow radio fences or any other electric containment systems as a method of containment for our Westies

8. We do not give Westies as presents or surprises! Applicants who are applying on behalf of another person must make that person aware of the application, and must provide contact details for the intended owner.

9. We neuter all of our dogs and bitches, and we have a strictly upheld no-breeding policy. We do not issue registration papers with any Westie.

10. Westie Rescue can no longer deliver Westies to their new homes. This is a service we can no longer afford to provide due to too many time-wasters. It is therefore necessary for all adopters to arrange transport to our premises in Co. Louth to collect their dog once they have been assigned a Westie post home-visit.

If an adopter lives a great distance from us, we may be able to arrange transport part-way, but the adopter will be expected to make up the remainder of the journey. Please think about this carefully: if you cannot travel to collect a Westie, we will not be able to adopt a Westie out to you.  

*Please note that you must have read and agree to the terms and conditions above, before downloading the Adoption Form.

If you are interested in adopting a Westie, please download the Adoption Form, fill it in and send it back to, or by clicking this link email.
Please note that we always acknowledge emails. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement, please get in touch by phone, as there may have been a technical hiccup!

I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions

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