Westie Rescue Ireland Links Page

Links to other Dog Rescue, Lost & Found and Dog Information Websites

Dog Behaviour:

  • Dogs Behaving Badly?
    Based in County Louth, Ireland, Dogs Behaving Badly? was set up by Maureen Byrne in 2002. It is a dog training, behaviour and psychology service specialising in solving and managing behavioural problems in pet dogs.

Other Rescues, for any dog of any shape, size or age:

Breed Rescues:

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue
    Based in Dublin, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue specialises in rescuing and rehoming this lovely, gentle breed into carefully selected homes.

Dog Info, Lost and Found etc:

  • Fido,
    Ireland’s biggest pet microchip database: Make sure your Westie is chipped, and that the chip is registered with YOUR name and contact details on the database.
  • Pet Resources and Animal Welfare Ireland
    Containing loads of info about dogs and other animals, places to stay with your pet, animal welfare, rescue information, contact details for county dog pounds in case you’ve lost your dog, and a great e-zine every month!
  • Lost and Found
    A super website, with huge viewership, through which many a lost dog or cat has been reunited with their owner
  • Lost and Found Pets Ireland
    Another site helping link missing pets with their owners

Puppy Farm Information

  • Irish Puppy Farm Campaigns,
    Information on the Irish puppy farming situation and the efforts being made to close these places down.

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