Megan’s Story….From Rags to Riches.

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Introducing Megan who was rescued and rehomed by Westie Rescue Ireland
Introducing Megan.
She was about 1.5 years old when we took her out of Ashton Dog Pound in north Dublin.
She had been found by dog wardens wandering around the streets of Dublin.
Her owners never came forward, and so Megan was handed over to Westie Rescue.

Photo of Megan with her fur being clipped
Out with the clippers…
She was filthy, with appalling matting of her coat. A very depressed and sad little dog.
As soon as we got her home, it was up on the table and out with the clippers.
Her coat was so badly matted that we couldn’t get our fingers through the mats to touch her skin.

Megan being cleaned up by Westie Rescue Ireland
All in one go!
Her skin was stretched tight with all the mats, and must have been very painful.
The pictures cannot possibly describe how awful she smelled and she was riddled with fleas and mites.
The normal Westie clipping blade could not cut through her coat, and we had to resort to using our shortest blade to remove her hair.

Photo of Megan separated from her matted coat
Like a sheep’s fleece!
As you can see, poor Megan’s hair came off all in one go. she looked like she’d jumped out of her skin! Dog and matted coat separate but in the same picture!
Once that filthy, painful coat came off, Megan was like a transformed character!
She raced around the garden, leaping into the air!

Photo of a bald Megan!
Bald but happy!
She rolled about in the short grass, and really seemed to be delighted at how fresh and comfortable she felt!

Two weeks later, after being spayed and getting all the vet care she needed, Megan was adopted by a wonderful couple on Cork.

They didn’t mind that their new dog had almost no hair!

Photo of Megan with her fur grown back
Look at her now!
They waited patiently for healthy new hair to grow.

Megan’s new owner was training to be a dog groomer, and look at the beautiful dog that Megan turned into once her mum had tended to her growing hair and shaped her up once her hair was long enough! Wow!

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