Milo’s Story – From Serious Neglect to a Happy Home.

He was surrendered over to Westie Rescue Ireland in 2008 after his owner had died.

Milo just after being taken in by Westie Rescue IrelandMilo was surrendered over to Westie Rescue in 2008 after his owner had died.

Her family had taken Milo into their care following her death, but did not care very well for him.

He was emaciated when we got him, but this wasn’t immediately obvious as he had a thick, filthy, stinking, matted coat.

He was crawling with fleas and mites.

When we offered him food, we could not hold him back from it, and he devoured it without chewing it.

He dived into a bowl of water and drank until we had to stop him.

We take in some dogs in horrendous condition, most of them have been found straying and presumably had to fend for themselves for some time on the streets.
Milo after being cleaned up by Westie Rescue Ireland

But Milo was in the care of people, and his was a case of deliberate and outrageous neglect and inhumanity.

These people may not have wanted him and felt that they were lumped with him, but to neglect him and starve him as they did beggars belief.

Milo was clipped immediately to get rid of that dreadful coat, and the extent of his emaciation became clear.

He urgently received treatment for his fleas, worms and a very bad harvest mite infestation.

He felt a lot better once he got rid of all the itches!

Despite this neglect, Milo remains a sweet-natured, playful and affectionate young man.

He now lives with a wonderful owner in the north, along with another terrier, 2 pot-bellied pigs and a goat!

Milo happy and healthy in his new home

As you can see from the photo above, Milo is in fine shape now, a credit to his adoptive mam and her family!

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